• Atlanta PFD Patch

    18 Feb 2019

  • atlanta pfd patchWe all know that Dr Ink Eraser provides the best treatment options and equipment for tattoo removal. But do you know about the new PFD Patch? You’re going to love this! Everyone’s concern with tattoo removal has always been total removal with less treatments and less pain. Between our Discovery PICO laser, numbing cream and Pro-Nox, you’re already getting the best! But now a new option known as PFD Patch allows us to offer even better results in less time.

    The PFD patch is a gel patch that allows for multiple laser passes in a single treatment session. With PFD patch, you’ll get faster tattoo fading that is safe, and decrease the number of overall treatments needed to achieve complete ink removal. So you get faster results with less treatments, and less damage to your skin!

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