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    hair removal laserImagine not having to tweeze, wax, shave or endure the long, painful hours of electrolysis ever again! 

    Now Doctor Ink Eraser is providing laser hair removal in Atlanta and surrounding areas! 

    Men and women of ALL SKIN TYPES are now able to eliminate unwanted facial hair and body hair with ease. 

    Our new laser eliminates the hair rapidly, safely and effectively. 

    Come in for a complimentary consultation! We'll be able to give you a realistic expectation and cost. Give us a call today at 770-702-0944

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  • Laser Hair Removal - How Does it Work?

    atlanta georgiaThe process of Laser hair removal involves the removal of unwanted hair permanently by targeting and damaging the root of the hair. The laser is attracted to pigment or color. This is why it's ideal that there is a good contrast between the skin and the hair color. Once the laser damages the root, it leaves behind a small stem. After 2-3 weeks, it will appear as if the hairs are growing! But what's actually happening is the skin is naturally pushing this stem up and out. 2-3 weeks after the treatment, you can even pull these hairs right out (or let them fall out naturally). Once fallen out, there will be a period where there is very little hair. 

    After a new cycle of hair growth, approximately 4-8 weeks, it's time to come in for your next treatment. Why? Because there are different cycles of hair growth. Ideally, we like to "attack" the hair during the active stage of hair growth (anagen stage). This is when the hair follicle has a full root. And since there's no way of knowing which hairs are in right stage at one time, that is why there will be a need for another treatment. For most, 5-8 treatments are required for satisfactory results. 

    Popular laser hair removal treatment areas include underarms, legs, bikini area, upper lip, chin, back and shoulders. And it's important to note that laser hair removal usually works best in areas where the hair is dark or coarse.