Tattoo  Removal  Pricing

The cost of laser tattoo removal depends largely on the size and amount of ink, but, of course, the number a treatments needed to completely remove or lighten a tattoo is also relevant.

Many factors play a role in determining the number of treatments that will be necessary:

• Which colors of ink were used
• How long ago was the tattoo administered
• Was the tattoo administered professionally
• Location of the tattoo on the body
• Skin type
• Whether or not there is any preexisting scar tissue

For these reasons, it is hard to give pricing estimates without seeing the tattoo. When you come in for your FREE consultation, the laser specialists with Doctor Ink Eraser will be able to give you a quote for a per treatment price, approximate how many treatments it will take and discuss with you different specials and package discounts. You and the laser specialist will then set up an agreed upon game plan to get you the exact results you desire at the best price.

Calculate the number of treatments:

1. Determine your skin type by using the Fitzpatrick Classifaction

2. Add up the total score for Kirby Desai Scale

This will allow you to determine the number of treatments needed to remove your tattoo!


If you choose to purchase a package for all of your treatments at one time, you will receive 25% off the total cost.

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